New Year's Eve Dresses for YOUR Body Type

by Maria Versluis in


Turn heads as the center of attention this New Years Eve with the perfect dress!

 Body shape is all about proportion, and fashion is all about knowing how to dress those proportions to look your best. Body types are all about shape, not height and weight, and can be narrowed to five general categories: pear, wedge, rectangle, apple, and hourglass. You might fit into one category or a blend of two.

 Whether you’re attending a black tie gala or a casual house party, we have a great dress to start 2016 in style!


Pear (Triangle)
You are: Wider on the bottom than the top 


  • Focus attention on the top part of your body.
  • Add volume at the top for balance
  • Ex- Wide necks, detailed tops


  • Hemlines that end on the wider part of your leg
  • Prints on the lower body


Wedge (Inverted Triangle) 

You are: Wider on the top than the bottom


  • Focus attention on the lower part of your body (Patterns, bright colors, etc)
  • Wide legs, full skirts, etc


  • Necklines that make you look broader on top (halter, spaghetti straps, etc)
  • Ruffles on top



You are: Straight and Narrow


  • Layer to add dimension
  • Scoop/sweetheart necklines
  • Ruching/cinching on sides
  • Flare skirts to add shape


  • Anything that is too flowy or unstructured around the waist



You are: Fuller in the middle


  • Create a waistline
  • Elongate Torso (long cardigans, v-necks)
  • Conceal stomach with Empire Waist
  • Shorter lengths to show off legs and draw attention away from the middle


  • Anything that draws attention to the middle- like high-rise pants, belts, and waist-cinching tops.



You are: Curvy with a small waist


  • Choose fabrics that work with your curves
  • Wear a belt at the waist to enhance your figure


  • Styles that hide your shape 

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