Vacation or honeymoon coming up? What to wear.

by Maria Versluis

Take your Salt Water look to a whole new Level

-Resort 2015-


This spring is all about a modern resurgence of the 70s! Bold clashing colors bring a bright pop to your wardrobe. Flared jumpsuits of all different colors and fabrics are going to be seen everywhere.  Two-piece rompers of matching top and bottoms are an easy day to night outfit to pack! Big Floral and Chiffon prints are going to be the โ€œgo to โ€œ for all ages, as well as shapes and sizes.  Another popular trend is tulle mixed with muted hues. This is resurfacing from last year, creating a feminine hippy vibe for your spring break.  Texture, pattern and detail are what make this season so special. Fringe, lace and proportion taken a whole different direction are some details to look forward to seeing.

Saving for this amazing vacation? Not a problem! This year resort isnโ€™t so much of a separate from the spring collection ideas. A lot of garments can be warn at home on the street, as well as out by the pool on your vacation. Think of it as spring staples! (Be sure to check out our previous spring trend blog on what to look for this season.)


A fun look to try this season is creating an outfit to match your bathing suit top. Paring your shorts or skirt to match your suit top, with a stylish cover up. Youโ€™re on vacation! You never know if you will need your suit for an after dinner swim!

Forget about this snow and come shop spring at Pink Tulip Club! Our store is full of a variety of different style & colored jumpsuits and rompers. Be sure to try on the two-piece romper from Free People for something new in your wardrobe. Maxi dresses this year are covered in amazing prints that can be worn throughout the summer as well.  Light jackets, fun patterned pants and great tops are just some of the things to look forward to. Stop in, and let us help you get ready for spring!